Herzberg theory of motivation essay

Virgin Media has a variety of programmes that support this theory. Its established apprenticeship scheme recruits apprentices based on their behaviour as well as their ability, looking for people that show potential as it offers successful candidates mentoring, coaching and training. The company recently opened a new office in Birmingham where all apprentices are trained. Role play is an important part of the training and actors are hired to perform the role of the customer with apprentices. This approach creates a safe environment for the apprentices to learn, ensuring they are qualified before meeting Virgin Media customers. The training suite, designed to simulate a customer’s home, gives the apprentice the opportunity to see how their role is seen by the customer through watching footage back to analyse their performance.

Although Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs theory is a popular theory it should applied with caution, especially as there is little statistical evidence to support it. Upon application it may be difficult to assess which of the needs (in the hierarchy), have been met for a particular individual. Each person may require different things to satisfy their needs, for example one individual's view of what is adequate shelter may differ from another person's view. There is also debate over the order in which the higher level needs have been placed in the Hierarchy of Needs. A person's life experience may alter their Hierarchy of Needs. Some people may require esteem needs satisfaction before social needs satisfaction. Furthermore not everybody displays a need for self actualisation and progression and they may be satisfied by achieving just the other needs. How do you think the rise in social media has affected Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs.

  • Hygiene factors- Hygiene factors are those job factors which are essential for existence of motivation at workplace. These do not lead to positive satisfaction for long-term. But if these factors are absent / if these factors are non-existant at workplace, then they lead to dissatisfaction. In other words, hygiene factors are those factors which when adequate/reasonable in a job, pacify the employees and do not make them dissatisfied. These factors are extrinsic to work. Hygiene factors are also called as dissatisfiers or maintenance factors as they are required to avoid dissatisfaction. These factors describe the job environment/scenario. The hygiene factors symbolized the physiological needs which the individuals wanted and expected to be fulfilled. Hygiene factors include:

    Herzberg theory of motivation essay

    herzberg theory of motivation essay


    herzberg theory of motivation essayherzberg theory of motivation essayherzberg theory of motivation essayherzberg theory of motivation essay