Filial piety essay

Of course, it's not guaranteed that AI innovations will diffuse throughout society. At some point perhaps governments will take control, in the style of the Manhattan Project, and they'll keep the advances secret. But even then, I expect that the internal advances by the research teams will add cognitive abilities in small steps. Even if you have a theoretically optimal intelligence algorithm, it's constrained by computing resources, so you either need lots of hardware or approximation hacks (or most likely both) before it can function effectively in the high-dimensional state space of the real world, and this again implies a slower trajectory. Marcus Hutter's AIXI(tl) is an example of a theoretically optimal general intelligence, but most AI researchers feel it won't work for artificial general intelligence (AGI) because it's astronomically expensive to compute. Ben Goertzel explains : "I think that tells you something interesting. It tells you that dealing with resource restrictions -- with the boundedness of time and space resources -- is actually critical to intelligence. If you lift the restriction to do things efficiently, then AI and AGI are trivial problems." 1

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Filial piety essay

filial piety essay


filial piety essayfilial piety essayfilial piety essayfilial piety essay